Guided adventure tours for thrill-seeking lovers of the indoors.

Get ready for an adventure tour like no other as we take you deep into our roleplaying Dungeon Experience.

Come meet NPC’s, battle slime(s), ignore Doug, and hopefully not die, all guided by our team of explorers with over 1 year of combined experience.

  • Get lost. Find yourself.

    Book a Dungeon Experience. Return with cherished memories and all your organs.


  • “I’ve never feared for my life like in the Dungeon Experience”

    - Jon Hopkins, Immunity

  • “My kids dragged me here and I was pleasantly surprised.
    While I don’t have kids now, it’s a memory I’ll never forget!”

    - Jesse Ware, Devotion

  • “I thought the Dungeon Experience was a joke till I saw
    my best friend of 10 years get his head crushed by a boulder.”

    - Will Saul, Close

  • “The scrambled eggs were a little over done, I keep
    saying I won’t come back but it’s just so convenient.”

    - Sam Kapernikov